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The Customer Is Always Right

You’ve heard the old adage that the ‘customer is always right.’ And the thing is…they’re not. Office equipment buyers will insist they provided you documentation they didn’t. They will complain their invoice is wrong, when it isn’t. They’ll say no one explained how the lease was going to work, when you begged them to pay attention while walking them through everything in your office. No, they’re not always right. But they are always the one that pays the bills so finance administrators are stuck having to manage their ‘perceptions.’ Here are five big tips to handle the not-so-easy customer (taken in part from Rhett Power, a business consultant and coach):

Breaking Out of the Break/Replace Cycle With AFMD

This is going to sound familiar to a lot of businesspeople. You’ve got some equipment you suspect is running on borrowed time. It gives you a little trouble once in a while. Or maybe it doesn’t, but it has kept chugging along well past its expected expiration date. At some point – possibly at the worst possible time – it’s going to give out.

Avoiding the Cash Burden of the Unexpected Expense

There are times when you need to supplement your existing bank lending relationship to move your business forward. Banks are lending as aggressively as ever to support your needs in this challenging time.

The Power of Customer Stories

Your dealership’s best salespeople share similar characteristics. Persistence, work ethic and dedication, for sure. But the best of the best are also great storytellers. The ability to help prospects connect with your solutions by sharing a story of how it worked for someone else is very powerful.

Strategic Revenue Growth and M&A in Office Technology

Did the amount of office technology needs evaporate in 2020? Or did the nature of the need change? I’d argue that while the shift was sudden and dramatic, office technology need not only didn’t wane, it accelerated. Work from home, cloud-based print, and a host of other needs that were value-add solutions became massively mainstream and in high demand.

Is It Time to Look at Equipment Financing Differently?

Should buying equipment be a transaction, like buying groceries? Most business owners have an ongoing need for commercial equipment, just like you have an ongoing need for groceries. It’s natural to think about buying as independent, one-off transactions.

Do Vertical Markets Hold the Key to Organic Growth?

Should your sales team have some vertical market specialists on it? A recent survey points to a few interesting facts that indicate you should consider vertical market specialists if you don’t have them already.

Fund What’s Next for Your Business With LEAF CapitalNow™

Funding your plan to adapt to a quickly changing marketplace can be hard on cash and credit lines. But not with LEAF CapitalNow™, a simpler and more flexible way support your path to long-term financial success.

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