Published May 1, 2019 | Updated February 24, 2023

Financing isn’t just a payment method reserved for customers with budget constraints looking for an affordable way to get equipped. It’s an effective method sales professionals can use to overcome some common situations that arise during the sales cycle. Here are 5 tough sales problems financing can help you solve:

  1. Sticker shock. Total price can speak louder than total value. Selling with payments instead of price makes it easier for customers to focus on value for money.
  2. Fading relationships. You’re top of mind with customers during the sale. But what about after? Financing with customized invoice messages gives you a monthly opportunity to refresh the relationship.
  3. Wandering customers. Who will your customers go to when it’s time to replace equipment? Financing gives you a built-in opportunity to make a repeat sale at the end of the term.
  4. Lost upsells. How often do customers wish for add-ons but don’t act on it? Financing lowers the barrier to action by allowing add-ons/upgrades with a quick adjustment to an existing agreement.
  5. Commoditization. Customers can buy equipment anywhere. But they can get your unique solutions only from you. Financing helps by bundling everything – equipment, software, services, and more – with one affordable monthly payment.