Business owners are always on the lookout for anything that can help them strategically manage their budgets and control cash flow, but one consistently slips under the radar: deferred payment financing.

Deferred payment financing is typically seen as more of a convenience than a strategic tool. And while it is convenient to get equipped now and begin paying later, there’s a lot more to deferred payment financing than that. Here are four commonly overlooked benefits:

1. Deferred payment financing allows for a grace period for training and ramp-up time. Your business is competitive and equipment has to begin paying for itself quickly to earn its keep. But unless you’re replacing existing equipment with the same make and model, employees will need time to learn new features, test the equipment’s capabilities and adapt their workflows. With deferred payment financing, your payment structure more closely paces the equipment’s profitability as you get up to speed. And if you can get up to speed immediately? Deferred payment financing gives you months of improved productivity with zero budget impact

2. Deferred payment financing makes it more affordable to snap up limited-time discounts. Ever passed up a discount because you didn’t want to tie up cash in equipment at the time? Deferred payment financing lets you take advantage of money-saving discounts while retaining your cash for other uses

3. Deferred payment financing keeps your competitive edge sharp. With deferred payment financing, a tight budget doesn’t have to keep you from getting the equipment you need to serve customers better and win market share – which is ultimately what will loosen up that budget

4. Deferred payment financing gives you room to plan. Ever feel like you’re reacting to business events instead of making them happen? Deferred payment financing can help you get ahead of the curve, so you can make decisions based on strategy, not moment-to-moment necessity

Ready to put deferred payment financing to work for your business?

When you equip your business from now until December 31, 2015, you’ll get 120 days with no payments on all qualifying transactions. That’s four full months to use your equipment with zero budget impact!

Don’t wait – this offer ends December 31st, so talk to us today and get equipped for a productive and profitable 2016!

Terms and Conditions: All applications are subject to credit approval. Applications must be submitted and funded by December 31, 2015. Good on 36-60 month terms. The minimum transaction size is $5,000. The first payment will not be due until 120 days after the application has funded. Void where prohibited. LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. reserves the right to void or change this offer without prior notice. This offer may not be combined with other offers.