Ah, holiday season at the office. There’s an increase in sales, a rush of new customers and who can concentrate with all of those cookie trays?! Keeping your employees focused and motivated to move ahead with so many distractions can be a difficult task. But, with the right tricks, you can weather the seasonal buzz and keep their eyes on the prize.

1. Rewards

Their minds are already on treats and perks outside of the office, why not capitalize on the spirit of the season and offer incentives and rewards to your hardest-working employees? Working toward a valuable gain could make going the extra mile in the office more rewarding.

2. Throw a Party!
Hosting a holiday party for your employees instills camaraderie and a chance to destress. Pulling out all of the stops will make them feel appreciated for what they do and eager to impress going forward.

3. Get to Know Them
Identify the strengths, weaknesses and skills of each employee and place them where they can be best utilized during this busy time. Having a concentrated focus can help them stay on track and the alliance gained from getting to know them could prove for more productive and efficient work.

4. Give the Work Meaning
When their minds stray from the office to accommodating their holiday visitors, it’s important to remind employees of the meaning of their work. Perhaps your brand has an inspiring mission or identity that will instill a sense of pride. You may also choose to incorporate a local charity with challenges proposed to donate time or goods to a worthwhile cause.

During this busy time of year, it’s more important than ever to increase the engagement and productivity of your employees who may have their minds on anything but work. But, going the extra mile and promoting their strengths will ensure you have a beneficial end of the year, as well as, end of the quarter.