Not so long ago, customers didn’t seem to mind waiting a few days to finalize the details of a sale – financing, paperwork, delivery scheduling, etc. Or if they did mind, they didn’t have much of a choice anyway.

Now they do have a choice. Mobile is here. It’s eating the world and changing expectations. It’s accelerating the pace of business and decentralizing the place of business. Increasingly, it’s the difference between closing sales and losing them.

Old school has its place, but it’s not in sales. Every sale has to be as efficient as you can make it. Especially when it comes to what has traditionally been one of the biggest sales slowdowns of all –financing. Today’s customers don’t have the luxury of waiting on sluggish financing, even if they do have the patience.

Fortunately, advanced credit decisioning algorithms and streamlined financing processes have dramatically accelerated customer financing. And cloud based financing technology has made it possible to finance deals anywhere, anytime.

A salesperson can now handle everything from the initial quote to a complete financing agreement ready for a signature with nothing more than a web browser running on a smartphone. Wherever they’re working – on your sales floor, onsite with a customer, at a tradeshow – they have everything they need to finance a deal right then and there, something customers not only want but increasingly expect.

With a cloud based mobile financing solution, there’s no need to stop sales momentum cold with a trip back to the office, a series of phone calls, or a drawn out approval process. Everything’s at the salesperson’s fingertips, 24/7 and often they can get the whole deal financed from start to finish in less than 60 minutes.

That’s agility. And that’s what small- and mid-sized dealers need to compete and thrive in a world being eaten by mobile.