Do you offer financing? You’re not alone if you don’t. But you’re also not alone in leaving money on the table for competitors to come along and pick up. Think about it from a customer’s perspective: often, financing can end up making a purchase much more affordable than the customer assumed it would be. But when the deal’s just about done, most customers won’t step back and reassess their needs in light of their increased buying power. They’ll just go through with the deal, telling themselves they’ll get back to you later on additional purchases. Then “later” becomes “someday” and “someday” gets lost in the shuffle. But by offering financing, especially early in your sales process, the sales conversation often becomes less about individual equipment and software purchases and more about solutions. The math is simple: when customers know they can afford more, they tend to think bigger and buy more. So make sure they understand their real buying power early. If you can get customers thinking about acquiring solutions—with financing that makes it affordable—you’ll leave less money on the table and put more in your pocket.