In early 2023, a Northeast U.S. technology seller was seeing more demand for bundled and as-a-service offerings. But despite nearly 75% recurring revenue growth in less than two years, with quote volumes rising and margins improving, most sales leaders reported an inconsistent appetite for these offerings.

It didn’t make sense. So leadership spent time with their CRM system and booked deal activity and discovered some interesting takeaways:

  • Most sales staff were calling aggressively on large enterprise companies with eight-figure technology budgets
  • High competition in this segment led to falling sales and quote volumes
  • Most of the as-a-service customers were mid-sized companies and smaller
  • The average margin per sale was nearly 60% greater with small to mid-sized firms than with the companies the sales team principally targeted
  • The technology seller had no dedicated SMB sales effort or unique product at the time, yet still had grown tremendously over recent years with recurring revenue solutions

Using the insights found in its data, the technology seller took a few key steps to power stronger, more consistent growth:

  • Worked with their finance provider to develop a unique as-a-service solution for SMB customers
  • Built a marketing engine around the solution to reach thousands of smaller customers every week, including an online application process
  • Redesigned and reallocated their sales approach to dedicate several salespeople exclusively to SMB accounts
  • Made the customer onboarding effort an individualized experience that included personal contact from sales, service, and executive leadership

12 months later, the technology seller’s numbers showed the success of an approach driven by data and fueled with creative thinking:

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