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Are You Missing the Production Print Wave?

The rise in direct mail since the pandemic has spurred significant interest in acquiring production print equipment. But many companies are holding back and missing out on opportunities because they just aren’t comfortable with inflexible upfront investments in the equipment needed to go after direct mail business.

Five New Data Insights on How Technology Hardware Acquisitions are Evolving

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to keep technology up to date and stay competitive without overstretching their budgets.

Four Ways Financing Helps Equipment Sellers Power Sales and Grow

As a commercial equipment seller, you know that differentiation and added value are crucial for success. Having offerings like financing that solve problems and empower your sales teams means customers can purchase the equipment they need, not just what they can afford.

2024’s Hidden Growth Opportunities for Office Technology Sales

Between economic headwinds, industry shifts, and evolving customer preferences, the office technology landscape is experiencing a lot of change. And while some sellers froze in fear about what these changes would mean for their sales, others used them as an opportunity to get creative.

Acting on Growth Plans in the Face of Capital Access Concerns

At the close of the first half of 2024, optimism is rising among American businesses. But at the same time, access to capital appears to be tightening, according to data from a recent survey of over 5,000 businesses.

Recent U.S. Infrastructure Spending Will Impact Equipment Sales – Here’s What to Expect

New infrastructure spending initiatives are being introduced across the United States, spurring discussions about their potential effects on various sectors. Due to the nature of these projects, one of the sectors most likely to be impacted by this increased spending is equipment sales.

10 Equipment Investment Trends in the Hospitality Industry Today

In hospitality, a positive guest experience today drives new business tomorrow. And to give customers a great one, hospitality businesses need modern offerings, efficient processes, and – at the root of it all – upgraded equipment with affordable payments.

7 Reasons Not to Let Rates Derail Equipment Plans

Interest rates are up, and more than a few businesses are adjusting their plans because of them. But taking a step back and looking at the big picture can provide you with important context before making decisions that have the potential to affect your long-term growth.

Six Tips to Promote New Office Technology Solutions

In the last five years, office technology dealers have significantly expanded their solutions. Enhanced bundled offerings, MPS, cloud, subscription-based, as-a-service, traditional IT, and a host of breakthrough new products are just a few of the ways the industry is undergoing rapid change.

The State of IT Hardware Subscriptions in 2024

How many monthly subscriptions do you have? Whether it’s three – low for this day and age – or 30, there’s little doubt that subscriptions have changed how consumers access entertainment, services, software, phones, and other technologies.

Are You Offering OpEx Solutions?

Remember when residual-based leasing was a consistent thing? Probably not. For nearly twenty years, the cost of capital has been held so historically low that it’s been hard for customers to consider any finance option other than a loan or capital lease for equipment needs. But these days, financing looks a little different. And for equipment sellers, that means opportunity looks a little different, too.

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