When planning a trip, most of us try to avoid the hassle of separately booking flights, hotels, cars, activities and so on. What we try to do is throw as much as we can into a bucket called “vacation”. So one-stop vacation booking sites such as Orbitz and Kayak flourish. But what about your customers? Given the option, they’d much rather throw everything into a bucket called “solution” than wrangle all the bits and pieces of that solution themselves. That’s why it can be such a competitive advantage to partner with other businesses to offer complete solutions. Partner vendors do what they do best, and customers reap the benefits of a complete solution that draws on the expertise of specialists in their respective fields. Even better, with the help of the right financing partner, customers can lease that solution, which can include supplies, maintenance and other incidentals, with a single low payment each month. When they need additional or upgraded equipment, they make one call. And with minimal paperwork, legwork, or hassle, it’s done, making you the hero and keeping your customer coming back again and again.