The last several months may have you looking for new ideas to stimulate and restore sales. Here are a few simple tips to find opportunities now, even in an uncertain environment.

  1. Discover your state cabinet of economic development
    These state agencies publish a list of new and expanding companies. Mostly focused around new jobs and facility expansion, this monthly list highlights nearby companies that are announcing plans to grow. These growth plans will almost always require investment in new technologies. But keep in mind that expansion budgets can be limited. In an environment where providers of all kinds are asking for significant up-front capital commitments, it’s very important to show how your solution can be acquired with a simple monthly payment.
  2. Run a monthly payment marketing campaign on a featured solution
    Although 90% of technology solutions use financing, only three of 10 technology vendors have EVER built a marketing program featuring an affordable monthly payment solution to SMBs, where budgets are limited most. For a little as XXX per month, you can have…. It’s shocking how easy this can be, especially in a rapidly growing SMB segment.
  3. Build a new bundled as-a-service solution
    Need more service revenue? Make sure you build “soft” services into hardware solutions. Make it a package or even a subscription. Have the courage to position your solutions differently, and you’ll find that your market responds very well to as-a-service and subscription-based offerings.