When customers get angry, there’s a reason. Uncovering that reason and winning them over is critical in finding business, saving business, and doing business. Here are a few key tips:

  • Remain calm. If you meet their emotion with yours, things will slide downhill rapidly
  • Listen. Behind all the huffing and puffing is the cause of the anger. Let them know you are here to help. If you listen well enough, you’ll learn the source of their discontent
  • Empathize. Let them know you get it. You understand where they are coming from. If you were upset, you’d want answers – and that’s what you’re here to help with
  • Apologize. Much of the time an apology will go a long way. But there are cases where you didn’t do anything wrong, so don’t apologize unless something is amiss
  • Ask them what their resolution would be
  • Tell them you are going to work on a solution and get back to them at a specific time. Then get back to them at that time (even if you’re still working on the solution)
  • Deliver the problem resolution. You can’t always get them what they want, but sometimes you can get them what they need. They’ll respect you for doing what you could when you said you would
  • Follow up. Check back with them. It’s amazing what time can do