Published April 2, 2022 | Updated January 12, 2024

Right now businesses of all kinds are seeking to capitalize on growth opportunities. But with persistent inflation and rising labor costs, capex budgets may be constrained.

The solution might be a creative approach to competitive and flexible financing. Here are three growth problems you can solve with financing right now:

The “No Budget” Problem
Do you need equipment and technology to improve operations or customer experience yet just don’t have the budget? Creative payment solutions may be the answer. Payments are more than a way to stretch a limited budget. By establishing an affordable payment for equipment and technology often upgraded in a few years, those payments can be a vehicle to stay on the cutting edge of technology without draining cash reserves.

The “Up-front Investment” Problem
Building a growth plan and a more powerful vision for a company is the fun part. Paying for it is harder. Growth plans require up-front expenditures of cash reserves for equipment and technology, which often limits how quickly companies achieve success. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A creative step-up payment structure or “no-payments until” structure can better align cash inflows and outflows and give companies the confidence to buy now.

The “Not Right Now” problem
Confidence is the difference between acting on a growth plan and waiting until things are just right. And nothing gives business leaders more confidence than preserving as much cash as possible. Payment solutions that preserve cash offer the confidence required to make equipment and technology investments that fuel action against today’s opportunities without waiting for the possibility of tomorrow’s certainties.

LEAF Solves Growth Problems
At LEAF, we work to give customers the confidence to move forward. If you have a growth plan on the shelf, let’s talk about how our financing can help you put it to work.