Each August, the airwaves and inboxes of parents across the country are filled with back-to-school marketing and promotions. Despite knowing this day is coming year after year, most Americans do all of their back-to-school shopping in the same two or three weeks. Inevitably, there is an item or two that is no longer in stock because of the demand surge. Further, there is a general frustration that comes from trying to check school shopping off the list while everyone else is trying to do the same thing.

As companies slowly return to their new normal operating environments, they will likely come back to equipment and technology needs that were shelved as the crisis rapidly unfolded. They knew there was a need for it during quarantine, but in their current environment, they chose to delay until the return-to-work plans materialized. So, as happens every year with school shopping, could we be headed for a temporary spike in demand as people return to work? And if so, is there an opportunity for equipment sellers now?

The Marketing Idea: Back-to-work Sales
You can leverage the mountain of back-to-school marketing you’ve consumed over your life to build demand for your products and solutions as companies return to the office.

The aspects are simple:

  • Identify the common need
  • Build the back-to-work messaging for your solution
  • Lead with a payment – customers need to preserve cash
  • Start communicating ASAP to promote your back-to-work campaign and generate sales

Can a payment option with marketing support help make your back-to-work campaign more effective? LEAF can help you stimulate sales with new ideas and flexible financing. Let’s talk.