What will copier sales look like in 20 years? For one thing, they probably won’t be called copiers. But one thing is certain: the world moves on.

The big question is, will it move on without your dealership?

20 years ago, in 1999, copiers were good business. But 20 years on, it’s not about copiers anymore.

The office technology space has seen more change in the past few years than in the past few decades.

What you are doing to evolve now will shape the future of your business and the industry. But what shape are we talking about?

Forecasting the future of technology is a bit like predicting the weather. We’re better at it than we used to be, but the further out you go, the less accurate you get. That said, having some idea of what’s coming is better than having no idea at all.

What’s next for the industry? Here’s a forecast of five office technology changes to watch for in the next 20 years:

  1. Converging technologies. There will be no clean line between technologies. Companies will no longer have a copier supplier, a phone services company, and an IT support company. They’ll have one provider that offers everything from hardware sales to software support and everything in between. We’re calling it managed IT services today, but it’s probably even bigger than that.
  2. Less paper. It’s hard to imagine a completely paperless future. But back in 1999 who could have imagined a world without CDs? Evolving services for an increasingly digital, cloud-based world is critical.
  3. Subscription everything. Services, supplies, hardware – you name it – everything will be a monthly payment where the upgrade cycle is built-in. Companies will have to fund their operations based on the number and quality of recurring revenue receivables.
  4. MFP everywhere. MFP printing will become pervasive, making copying seem like renting VHS tapes.
  5. (3D) print lives. Why buy it from Amazon in a world where you can just print it? Companies are deploying 3D printing as a manufacturing engine, allowing technology sellers to enter an entirely new space. Healthcare 3D printing, for instance, is poised to become a trillion-dollar industry segment.

If your dealership is still selling like it’s 1999, it’s time to pay attention to your local weather forecast. Change isn’t coming. It’s here.

At LEAF, we can help you maximize the value of your enterprise with technologies and programs built to grow sales today and tomorrow. From helping you build more as-a-service offerings to expanding into new market segments or even positioning you to take advantage of strategic M&A opportunities, we can help.