Published February 6, 2019 | Updated September 13, 2021

Should your sales team include vertical market specialists? Here are a few interesting insights from a dealer survey that indicates you should consider adding vertical market specialists if you don’t have them already.

431 dealers were surveyed, and their sales teams had the following vertical market specialties:

  •  Legal: 43%
  •  Medical: 18%
  •  Government: 36%
  •  Higher education: 41%
  •  Financial services: 14%
  •  Construction: 5%
  •  Manufacturing: 3%
  •  Other: 6%
  •  None: 24%

While 100% of survey respondents had general sales staff, 24% had no vertical market specialists at all. But here’s the real takeaway – dealers with dedicated vertical market specialists grew faster than those that didn’t.

Whether you’re targeting a particular segment of construction, manufacturing, call centers, or even franchise retail, there is something to be said for carving out a unique niche for your business. Especially in times like these, many dealers find that having a powerhouse vertical like healthcare puts them on the long-term path to organic growth.

But which verticals are the best fit for your business? Finding the right ones to pursue involves seeing what industries in your region are growing fastest, determining which of those sectors best align with your company’s areas of expertise and then weighing the competitive landscape to avoid entering an overly crowded vertical market.

At LEAF, we’re vertical market specialists with decades of experience offering finance programs and comprehensive business development ideas for the imaging industry. Creative financing can help you break into new verticals, and we’d love to help.