Published October 25, 2016 | Updated July 11, 2022

Like all technology, commercial technology moves fast. And as upgrade cycles get shorter and shorter, budgets get squeezed tighter and tighter.

So what do you do when you have to upgrade to stay competitive but also need to relieve some pressure on cash flow and budgets?

A good first step is developing an asset plan. What are the critical assets, equipment, technology, etc. that power your business? How long should you plan on keeping each asset before upgrading, replacing, or rebuilding based on your planned usage?

Now, how to afford it?

The financial demands of keeping pace with technology advances can be daunting. Just when you feel like you’ve completed a major investment in technology for your company, it’s time to upgrade, trade in, or replace. This leaves business owners with painful cash flow spikes and unpredictable operations.

The “F” in the AFMD life cycle plan – finance – can help reduce and even eliminate cash flow spikes by allowing you to:

  • Acquire equipment and technology with affordable monthly expenses
  • Pay only for what you use of an asset, instead of paying for all of it
  • Match expenses to revenues more easily
  • Reduce the hassle of end-of-life trade-in or disposal issues

The pace of technology can be effectively managed. How you manage the lifecycles can even become a durable competitive advantage for your company.

We can help. At LEAF, we offer financing that allows you to get the most from your assets in the most affordable way. Do you need a plan? Let’s talk.