As the frenzy in the global M&A market continues, office equipment dealers find roll-ups, private equity investment and even LBOs on the rise. Here are a few trends from recent data you might find interesting:

  1. EBITDA multiples are on the rise. Recent industry data points to a nearly 15% increase in company valuations over the last 18 months
  2. Dealers with strong service revenues outperform higher-revenue, hardware-first operations
  3. Second- and third-tier metro dealers have seen higher M&A activity than major metro dealers
  4. Manufacturer consolidation through acquisition of their independent distributors is at an 11-year high
  5. Post-acquisition new office expansions are up 71% over 2015 levels

We’d love to know your thoughts about these data points and the general state of office equipment M&A right now.

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