Upsells and add-ons are key to maximizing equipment sales ROI and profits, but plenty of teams don’t really feel confident about offering them. The main reason? They don’t want to ruin a good thing. Why, these salespeople think, should they risk a sale that’s going well (or pretty much closed) only to turn off the prospect or send the sale back two steps with an upsell or add-on attempt?

An assertive approach to upsells and add-ons isn’t being pushy. It’s being a good advocate for your customer.

On the surface, this kind of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” thinking makes sense. But look closer, and it becomes pretty clear that not offering an upsell or add-on – or only mentioning it in passing, almost apologetically – is doing your customer (and your business) a disservice.

Here’s why:

You’re the Equipment Expert
Customers may come to you knowing what they want. They may not. Either way, they need your expertise. Neither of these customers, smart as they are, knows what they don’t know. But why should they? That’s your job: to know what they don’t and guide them to the solutions they really need – which is often more than they thought they needed. In other words, upselling is part of your job as an expert in your field. Your customers shouldn’t expect any less.

But You’re Not the Budget Expert
Sometimes, salespeople avoid upsells and add-ons because they’re afraid of tipping a comfortable purchase into budget-busting territory. Or at least to the point where the customer wants to take a few steps back and reconsider the whole thing.

It’s hard to blame salespeople for their caution. But think about it: do you really know what the customer’s budget actually is? And even if budget turns out to be a problem, you’ve got a solution to keep the sale moving: financing. With the right financing option, your customer can oftentimes get the equipment they really need, plus the extras that go along with it, for just a small increase over what they’d pay for a lesser solution – one they’re likely to be dissatisfied with before long. Either way, they’ll remember who sold them that solution.

At LEAF, our experts are here to help your customers finance the solutions they really need.