Every year, a marketing company and a third-party research firm get together and ask a few thousand businesses what they think about buying office equipment through sales teams like yours. Here are a few actual quotes from the study we thought you might find interesting:

“I wish they would talk less about the equipment and more about how it works in my business. Of course that might require them to dig in and get to know us a little more. But if they would take the time to do that, price would be less of an issue.”

“I can’t keep up. The pace of technology change is significant and every time I talk to the copier folks they seem to speak a different language and I am often left second guessing my purchase. I guess that’s why we have used six different vendors for the same class of equipment in the last three years.”

“We know the equipment almost as good as those selling it do. That makes buying and our relationships pretty easy. But why is it so hard to figure out how much it’s going to cost? Why do we have to work so hard to get an idea of what the monthly payment will be? It’s like they think every business has $40,000 laying around to pay cash for their gear. One would think they’d just lead with the payment anyone could understand. That’d be sure to get our attention.”

At LEAF, we help office product sales teams by making your equipment easier to buy. Our customized solutions solve real problems – like making sure the quotes coming from your customers sound a little better than these. To begin a discussion, contact your LEAF Account Champion today.