Published March 22, 2022 | Updated June 8, 2023

Win Digital Transformation Opportunities With Bundled Solutions

Digital transformation has long been high on the to-do list for companies of all sizes. But after the ongoing pandemic, it took on an even greater urgency.

Consider this: with the steep rise in cyberattacks, 88% of companies recently surveyed strongly believe that cybersecurity is critical to their longevity. As a result, more than three quarters plan to upgrade their security software and hardware within the next 12 months.

Then there’s workflow optimization. As businesses everywhere grapple with the complexities of hybrid onsite/remote work, there’s an acute need not just for updated workflows but also for technology to power them.

Closely related is process optimization, with a heavy emphasis on digitization. In fact, 82% of companies surveyed believe that digitizing paperwork is essential to their survival.

It’s a lot, and these businesses could use some help sorting it all out. And in today’s economy, that includes helping to fit digital transformation technologies into budgets already under increased strain.

This is what your customers need from you now. Meeting the challenge won’t be easy, but for technology vendors that can pull it off, the opportunity is huge.

So how can you win more of this business and position your company for long-term competitive strength? The key could be solution bundles that give customers more of what they need to adapt to a changing business environment with less impact on cash flow and budget.

Solving Problems Is Challenging When Cash Is Tight

A comprehensive and well-designed digital transformation solution can significantly increase a company’s productivity. But it’s only a viable solution if it’s affordable. And for many companies, particularly those trying to conserve cash, it’s not.

Bundles are often the solution. Creating a turnkey bundle that includes all the hardware, software, and services customers need to get going and then offering a simple and affordable way to pay for it will have a dramatic impact on your own bottom line, in addition to helping customers improve theirs.

There is tremendous value in helping your customers solve problems like digital transformation. And that value increases exponentially when you make solving those problems easier with affordable bundles.

Could some creative thinking around financed solution bundles help your business win more opportunities in today’s quickly changing marketplace?