Published June 12, 2019 | Updated October 21, 2020

There are about 15,000,000 management and business books in the world. Nearly all of them claim to have the secrets to success – but of course, none of them really do. So we’re going to save you some reading and boil most of those 15,000,000 into a few actionable thoughts.

There are really only five big ideas to keep your company growing.

  1. The new product or service
  2. The new location
  3. The improved customer experience
  4. The new staff
  5. The new business

Chances are, now more than ever, you have one of these ideas for your company that you are not acting on. If you are reading these words, you have most likely achieved something truly amazing. You have built, managed and grown a business. That is an accomplishment to be celebrated. Now, what does tomorrow look like? Where are you going next? These days, it’s hard to tell.

Today we find businessowners with an economic circumstance that doesn’t seem to favor growth and investment. And too many businessowners are lying awake at night thinking up ideas to keep their businesses competitive.

Given today’s economic challenges, they probably have questions like: how much short-term pain will I have to endure until my ideas deliver the growth I’m envisioning? Is expanding to the new location worth months of cash flow drain until we achieve the expected results? Is the new contract worth the upfront equipment and staff expenses while we wait on the revenues to arrive? And then there’s the big question: how will I pay for it?

Financing is the key to managing these concerns and making big ideas a reality. Properly structured equipment financing can help you add new business or contracts without the near-term cash flow pains. Access to flexible growth capital allows the new location to gather steam without draining cash reserves when you need them most. Equipment finance and growth capital together offer a scalable way to build the new product line or improved customer experience.

Is it time to act? Take the 5 big ideas to keep your business growing and build a financing relationship that sees the big picture. At LEAF, we make opportunity affordable. Nearly 250,000 businesses have trusted us to solve real problems – like making the big five a reality.