Success Story

Simplifying Expense Tracking With Detailed Invoicing


The dealer’s customer had been working with another equipment finance company for a while but had become increasingly unhappy with the finance company’s invoicing, which didn’t provide the detail needed to allocate expenses correctly.


Since the other finance company wasn’t willing to change the way it invoiced, the dealer turned to LEAF. We quickly created a sample invoice showing how we could allow the customer to easily allocate expenses by machine and location.


Impressed, the customer agreed to finance with LEAF. Following a seamless transition, the customer was happier than ever. With LEAF’s invoicing, the customer got the insight they needed, plus the confidence of knowing that if their needs change, their financing would be flexible enough to change right along with them. Not only did this create a better experience for the customer, it added to the dealer’s reputation as a real problem solver.

Solve more customer problems and drive more business with customized finance solutions from LEAF.

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