LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (“LEAF”)is pleased to announce the addition of three experienced marketing professionals to its marketing team, further expanding its ability to offer custom promotional and tactical marketing support to its business partners.

LEAF welcomes Michael Schaal, Marketing Manager, Lauren Aron, Graphic Designer, and Laura Martin, Marketing Administrator, to the LEAF team. Together, they bring a combined 15 years of corporate marketing experience to a department already recognized for providing some of the most progressive marketing programs in the equipment financing industry. The LEAF marketing team not only supports LEAF, but its customers as well.

Michelle Speranza, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, stated,“We at LEAF are very excited about the addition of these highly skilled team members and the dynamic impact they will provide to our department. With this infusion of talent and energy, we can promote LEAF even more effectively and expand our delivery of value-add marketing programs for our customers. LEAF’s objective is to significantly accelerate our business partners’ sales and revenue by improving their branding. It also helps us to create longer-lasting customer relationships.”

Ms. Speranza added, “Our business partners realize considerable benefits from LEAF’s 360° Solution™, which incorporates our unique, full-circle marketing approach. The program enables them to compete in the marketplace more effectively and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Our business partners who take full advantage of our 360° Solution™ gain powerful selling tools that help them generate and qualify new leads, close more business, and provide outstanding service to their customers.”

About LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc.

LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (“LEAF”) is an independent equipment leasing and finance company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. LEAF serves the small to mid-ticket equipment finance marketplace, specializing in information technology, telecommunications, office-automation, light industrial, healthcare and other business-essential assets. LEAF’s core competency is its ability to assist vendors to transform sales financing into a revenue generating strategy. For more information on LEAF please visit www.LEAFnow.com.

Contact: Michelle Speranza, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, msperanza@LEAFnow.com