As an equipment dealer offering financing, you need a leasing and finance solution that’s “future ready”. Flexible, affordable financing powered by up-to-date technology helps keep customers happy and coming back. So it’s no surprise that leasing and finance companies compete to ensure their financing platforms are cutting edge.

But cutting edge too often becomes bleeding edge. As leasing and finance companies race to add features to their platforms, user experience takes a backseat. Basic tasks get buried in a nest of menus. What used to take a few minutes takes a half hour. For each new feature added, two you count on every day break. Tech support calls go from rare to commonplace.

Flexible, affordable financing powered by up-to-date technology helps keep customers happy and coming back.

Is your leasing and finance company losing sight of what’s most important to you and your customers in the rush to wow you with the latest and greatest? Here are three things to consider:

Is it easy to navigate?
Features like advanced reporting, rapid credit decision lookups, and asset-level pricing make the financing part of your job easier and help keep customers happy. But it’s not much use if all that power is buried in a maze of cryptic menus. It’s one thing to add a new feature, but it’s another to ensure that it’s not only usable, but also easy to find if you know it’s there and easily discoverable if you don’t. And once you do discover a new feature, you shouldn’t have to immediately ask Google, haunt discussion boards, or make yet another tech support call to figure out how it works. That’s how financing platforms get loaded up with great features nobody ever uses.

Can I wrap up an approved deal fast enough?
Nobody likes the pause that comes between “Yes, I want that” and “The finance company says you’re all set”. The longer that interval is, the greater the chance your customer starts questioning the decision to go with the step-up model or starts shopping competitors on their smartphone. So quick credit decisions are vital, as is a fast and easy wrap-up that takes advantage of compliant, self-service e-signatures, cloud-stored digital documentation and other features of a modern leasing and finance platform.

Is it (really) mobile?
These days, you need to be able to handle the whole financing process from a tablet or smartphone. A “lite” experience on mobile just won’t cut it. Everything you can do from a computer, you should be able to do from the phone in your pocket – without having to pinch-zoom a microscopic desktop site and fat-fingering the wrong button half the time. “Mobile” should mean more than “browser-based”. Your solution should be able to gracefully and fully adapt to whatever connected device you’re using to access it.

Is your leasing and finance solution advanced enough to be simple?
It can be.