Remember when residual-based leasing was a consistent thing? Probably not.

For nearly twenty years, the cost of capital has been held so historically low that it’s been hard for customers to consider any finance option other than a loan or capital lease for equipment needs.

But these days, financing looks a little different. And for equipment sellers, that means opportunity looks a little different, too.

A 500% increase in rates, persistent inflation driving up asset values, changes in demand, and softening economic cycles have business leaders opening their minds to new ideas.

In a recent survey of over 1,300 mid-sized company CFOs, we inquired about the trend and compared it to similar survey results from 2018.

% of CFOs Willing to Consider Operating Lease Solutions for Equipment and Technology Capex

The takeaway: while all industries are increasingly interested in operating lease solutions, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, and Healthcare represent the fastest growing sectors. Equipment sellers open to delivering these kinds of solutions can capitalize on that demand and even gain a competitive advantage over other equipment sellers still stuck in the ways of the past.

For over 20 years, LEAF has worked with equipment sellers of all kinds through all business cycles to identify new ways to make their offerings easier to buy – so they’re easier to sell. By bringing all types of lease and finance solutions to the table, you can begin offering innovation when the market needs it most.