A company’s website is a great tool for advancing the sale. Information about products, solutions, testimonials, service areas, etc. is critical in advancing awareness of your company in the minds of your target audience. While we all agree with that, many websites in the office technology business may not be fulfilling their potential.

Beginning August of 2019, a resource close to LEAF surveyed 100 websites for office technology providers. And boy did we find a few things.

  1. 41% had broken links on their website.
  2. Only 4% had any type of article, opinion, or insight to demonstrate their expertise and educate their audience.
  3. Only 68% were designed to adapt to mobile devices – a very troubling stat.
  4. Only 17% offered a finance program you could learn about in less than 3 clicks on their site. People have limited attention spans. If they have to work to find things…they won’t.
  5. Heavy product focus, light service focus – despite the fact that it’s their highest-margin offering.
  6. Of those that offered easily accessible financing information, only 3 actually explained the program.
  7. Only 6% had an active* presence on social media. Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool to connect with your audience. Lack of presence is a competitive disadvantage.

As a leader in office technology industry leasing and finance, we found the finance implications of this review interesting. In the Sawbux Greenwich 2019 Survey of Customer Decision Making,

66% of prospects are “more likely” to choose the provider with the best information on financing, even if the provider’s solution lineup is slightly less desirable.

At LEAF, we make technology more affordable. Our customized finance solutions solve real problems –like helping build a web experience that powers sales.

*an active social media presence is defined as having at least 4 posts per month