How many monthly subscriptions do you have? Whether it’s three – low for this day and age – or 30, there’s little doubt that subscriptions have changed how consumers access entertainment, services, software, phones, and other technologies.

Businesses are using them, too. For example, many IT manufacturers have introduced laptop-as-a-service solutions where, for a simple monthly fee, businesses can ensure they always have an up-to-date device.

A recent survey of over 3,000 business leaders on their openness to entertain a device as-a-service solution for IT hardware needs shows increases in all sectors since 2018, with especially strong interest in some industries:

Percent of business owners willing to consider device as-a-service solutions for IT hardware

While not the leading method of IT hardware acquisition (at least not yet), as-a-service solutions are rapidly growing in popularity. But like so much that seems new, as-a-service IT is essentially a repackaging of a solution that’s been around much longer: technology leasing.

Consider this: in the early 80s, nearly four in ten IT hardware purchases were leases. Technology leases are still a widely used option today, and for good reason. They offer many of the benefits of as-a-service solutions, along with up to 100% financing for any mix of new and used equipment from any brand, plus software and services like installation, maintenance, and more.

Whether you’re thinking about as-a-service or leasing for your next technology need, contact me today to discuss how flexible finance options from LEAF can help you stay up to date with fewer worries about upgrade cycles and asset management, as well as less pressure on cash and budgets.