What It Takes to Get (and Keep) Employees Now

Staffing up just isn’t what it used to be. From manufacturing facilities and trucking companies to offices and job sites, finding enough qualified employees to help you tackle today’s growth opportunities is a challenge.

What does it take to be an employer of choice in a highly competitive talent market? Here are two key insights from our research:

Make New Working Environments Work

The Data: In a recent survey of over 700 new employees, 53% required some level of hybrid work flexibility from a new employer. The way we work has changed for good, and employees are more than three times as likely to take less money for fully remote or hybrid onsite/remote positions.

The Challenge: Companies that offer the most flexible work environments win the best talent. To do that with confidence, you’ll need to invest in the technology required to make it work today and keep the company on the cutting edge for years to come. That investment might be an ongoing capital expenditure challenge you didn’t foresee and would rather not plan for year in, year out.

The Solution: 100% financing for equipment and technology can help you preserve cash as you build out the infrastructure needed to support remote and hybrid work for the long term.

Offer the Best Tools of the Trade

The Data: 82% of employees surveyed said company equipment and technology impact their choice of employer.

The Challenge: Employees want to know they’re going to be using equipment that makes for a better work experience. No one wants to drive an 18 year-old delivery truck or use a $449 laptop without enough memory to keep up. Attracting the best talent may require upgrades for the tools you offer your staff.

The Solution: A creative approach to equipment financing can help you make the change without disrupting your bank’s relationship or creating an undue burden on your cash flow. After upgrading affordably, you can use the new tools, equipment, and technology to set your company apart in the hiring market.

Do you have the staff to win opportunities now and position your company for strength in the years to come? LEAF can help you attract the people you need to drive the results you want.