Success Story

The Financing Fail That Became a Win


A dealer working with another finance company was struggling to set up leases for a customer with eight locations putting both the sale and the dealer’s reputation at risk. The stumbling block? The dealer’s go-to finance company refused to structure lease billing and equipment locations per the customer’s request.


Fortunately, this dealer had just signed on with LEAF. Rather than go back to the customer with the news that their leases couldn’t be structured the way they needed, the dealer asked us if we could handle the request. We could, and we did it quickly and without hesitation. And, the dealer didn’t have to risk the deal and damage a good reputation by coming back to the customer with an embarrassing financing fail.


The dealer was able to stay in good standing with their customer since LEAF got the deal done quickly and easily.

Overcome hurdles quickly and sell more with customized financing solutions from LEAF.

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