During the COVID-19 work from home climate, we’ve seen news professionals drop their signal mid-broadcast, national leaders communicating through the fog of bad audio delivered from Apple Airpods and companies with no ability to hold a conference call that reaches all their employees because of platform bandwidth limitations. While the longer-term trend to work from home has many employees well-positioned to function as normal, recent events have illustrated that more employees and their companies are ill-equipped to operate without disruption.

Here are a few guidelines to help your company gear up for the new ‘work from home’ normal:

The Hardware:
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Computer headsets built for VoIP/SKYPE/ZOOM
  • Laptop docking stations
  • Keyboards/monitors/mice
  • High speed (and high quality) wi-fi routers
  • Charging and power equipment
  • Scanners and/or multi-function printing devices
  • Video conferencing hardware for executive and customer-facing leaders
The Software:
  • Internet-based ‘phone’ communications through SKYPE/ZOOM or similar programs
  • Collaboration and team communication and management software like Microsoft Teams
  • VPN software to protect your company communications
  • CRM, Accounting, Payroll and Operations Software with cloud-based capabilities that preserve the employee experience and execution regardless of where they use the application
  • Web-based conference call/webinar software that is scalable to reach all employees and large customer segments

The Packages
As you start to identify the assets needed for your company to perform effectively, you may discover that different employees will have different needs. For example, sales leaders may need the best video conferencing tools while operations people need higher end scanning equipment. Building role-based work from home packages can help you plan for upcoming expenditures and support your employees more effectively.

The Financing
Once you determine the scale of technology need, avoiding the inevitable cash drain is the next requirement. By using a creative approach to technology financing you can build an affordable payment option for each role-based package that preserves cash, offers scalability and keeps you on the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank. The package-based financing approach also allows you to effectively align costs to certain departments much the same way you might allocate IT expenses today.

LEAF can help.

At LEAF, we solve problems and help you strengthen your business with creative technology financing. Over 250,000 companies have trusted us with their financing needs, and you can trust us to help your people work from home with confidence.