Success Story

Portfolio Buyout Saves the Deal


A dealer prospect needed help to purchase a small dealership with an in-house leasing program. The proposed acquisition was contingent on a $1 million in-house lease portfolio buyout with no financing in place. Previously, the dealer relied on multiple financing companies, each with different strengths, but none with the ability to handle the entire transaction.


LEAF quickly assembled a solution group to complete the portfolio purchase for our dealer. Working closely with the dealer and the bank, our Account Champions developed a customized financing structure, one with far more moving parts than most financing companies are equipped and willing to handle. We handled it all, swiftly funding the transaction, meeting the bank’s deadline, and saving this opportunity for the dealer.


After seeing how quickly we handled this transaction, the dealer realized the benefits of leveraging a finance company with all the resources under one roof – and the agility, willingness, and expertise to use those resources creatively and move their deals forward.

Solve customer problems quickly with customized financing solutions from LEAF.

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