Philadelphia, PA, July 14, 2016—LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (LEAF), one of the nation’s largest independent commercial equipment finance companies, today announced winning the 2016 ELFA Operations and Technology Excellence Award.

The ELFA Operations and Technology Excellence Award recognizes equipment finance organizations taking the lead in developing inventive technology solutions aimed at improving operational agility, customer satisfaction and other key metrics. LEAF’s winning 2016 entry centers on a next-generation marketing automation and sales insight solution.

“Although we’ve enjoyed substantial year-over-year growth in the past, maintaining that pace had become increasingly difficult, especially since overall industry new business volume has, in recent years, been flat at best,” said Miles Herman, LEAF President and COO. “Historically, we would simply add more salespeople and make more calls, but that wasn’t practical or even feasible at our then-current scale. We had to become more productive using available technologies, and this solution was the result.”

LEAF’s award-winning solution increases marketing and sales efficiency and conversions by intelligently and automatically prioritizing leads using Big Data and predictive analytics techniques. It displays optimized lead intelligence and prescriptive next actions to salespeople, reducing guesswork and allowing them to focus more tightly on converting leads. The solution integrates best-in-class third-party applications with LEAF’s existing cloud CRM and is designed to easily incorporate technological improvements as they come online.

“This solution has exceeded our expectations for increasing sales efficiency and prioritizing leads,” said Herman. “We’re very pleased with the outcome thus far and honored to be chosen as this year’s winner.”

Highly scalable, LEAF’s sales and marketing automation solution seamlessly accommodates the business volume growth it helps to generate, while remaining tightly integrated with LEAF’s existing systems. It joins a host of other innovations developed during LEAF’s history, including some that garnered LEAF a 2012 ELFA Operations and Technology Excellence Award.

“LEAF has always led the industry in technological innovation,” Herman noted. “With our latest work, we expect to further our reputation as a financing company that’s never content to rest on past successes. Here at LEAF, we’re constantly advancing the state of the art in an effort to enhance the customer experience and meet their rapidly evolving needs in a more agile and targeted way than ever before.”

About LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc.

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