Philadelphia, PA, August 8, 2016 – LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (“LEAF”), a leading U.S. equipment leasing and finance company, today announced the release of FinanceNOW, a next-generation financing platform and resource center designed to comprehensively support LEAF’s referral relationships with equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers (collectively, “customers”).

An extensive update of LEAF’s longstanding MyLeaseLink portal and financing technology stack, winner of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association’s 2012 Operations & Technology Excellence Award, FinanceNOW puts LEAF’s entire suite of industry-leading financing tools at its customers’ fingertips.

“Throughout our history, LEAF has led the industry in state-of-the-art technology adoption aimed at streamlining the financing process and making businesses more efficient and profitable,” said LEAF President and COO, Miles Herman. “We’re proud to continue that tradition and empower our customers to do more and sell more, more quickly and easily than ever before, with the FinanceNOW platform.”

FinanceNOW accelerates the entire financing workflow with a simplified application process, fast and accurate auto approval, rapid status searches and a top-to-bottom redesign that makes key data and functionality available at all times. Built from the ground up as a digital-native solution, FinanceNOW provides full-service financing on any connected computer, tablet or smartphone, and it’s powered by a sophisticated underwriting engine that delivers unprecedented speed, accuracy and time-saving process automation.

FinanceNOW is the centerpiece in a series of LEAF technology innovations that include the recently introduced Captive in the Cloud™, LEAF’s powerful, cost-effective answer to resource-heavy legacy captive financing. Captive in the Cloud™ teams up LEAF’s in-house captive expertise and highly automated, cloud-based financing systems to dramatically lower cost, implementation and administrative barriers. This gives manufacturers of all sizes access to captive-style financing previously available only to those willing to invest heavily in additional people, processes and infrastructure.

Anchored by FinanceNOW, LEAF’s suite of advanced solutions levels the playing field for LEAF’s customers everywhere, giving them a complete financing toolset that rivals and in many cases exceeds, any on the market today.

“FinanceNOW is much more than an incremental iteration on the MyLeaseLink portal, which served our customers well for many years,” said Herman. “It’s a completely redesigned and reengineered financing platform that allows our customers to integrate financing into the sales process to a degree never before possible, driving the agility, mobility and profitability they need to grow their businesses in an environment where disruption is the norm and competition is fiercer than ever.”

About LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc.

LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (“LEAF”), headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is one of the leading equipment leasing and finance companies in the U.S. Through its highly automated origination platform, it facilitates the equipment needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, both directly and through referral relationships with manufacturers, distributors and dealers of essential-use equipment and software in a variety of industries, including office products, telephony, technology, medical and light industrial. Learn more at