Cmdr. Michael Wojciechowicz, USN, returns to his role as Tax Director at LEAF after a tour of duty in Iraq and a year recuperating at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.

LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (“LEAF”) is pleased to welcome back Michael Wojciechowicz to his role as Tax Director, after a 2-year absence in the service of our country. Commander Wojciechowicz came to work for LEAF in September of 2007, while serving as an officer in the United States Naval Reserve. He was called to active duty in 2010 when his unit was deployed to Iraq. Prior to the end of the deployment, Commander Wojciechowicz was removed from the warzone by medevac, and spent another year in the U.S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA. All of his colleagues at LEAF are ecstatic to have him back, and relieved that he is healthy and ready to go to work.

“The entire LEAF team is excited about Michael finally coming home and coming back to work,” said Crit DeMent, CEO of LEAF. “It’s been a long two years that have been particularly challenging for his family. We all know how much these American heroes endure for their country and freedom, but when it’s a valued and respected member of our team like Michael it hits really close to home. It makes you realize how much sacrifice our men and women in uniform actually make, and the tremendous pressure it puts on their families.”

Commander Wojciechowicz has been an active serving and reserve member of three separate U.S. military services over a career that spans more than three decades. He joined the Air Force immediately after high school, spent a year in the Army, went on to college, and then joined the Navy, where he spent the past 29 years.

Over his career, Commander Wojciechowicz has been highly decorated and holds 18 service awards that include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

Upon his return home, Commander Wojciechowicz was honored with a flag ceremony. “When we left for Iraq, a large crowd gathered to send us off,” Commander Wojciechowicz said to the assembled group. “I was in the hospital when my unit returned so I never expected to see a gathering like this when I arrived home. This kind of public support means a lot to me and to all of the serving members of the armed forces, who really appreciate knowing that you care.”

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