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Is Finance Admin Busywork Crowding Out Important Work?

What do you get when you cross a super-busy office technology finance department with a complicated invoicing need that means even more work, month after month?

Too often you get a very frustrated finance administrator. And that’s why at LEAF we do everything we can to take that complexity on ourselves, so administrators get more time to focus on what matters most. Or just take a much-needed break once in a while.


Recently, we worked with a dealer serving a healthcare industry customer who needed their invoices sent to a different office in a different state. Since the customer uses an automated system, each invoice also has to be sent with a special code in order to be routed to the correct department for payment.

Oh, and the finance program was also private label.

So, different office, different state, special code, private label. And lots of chances to get mixed-up details, delayed payments, automatic late notices, and unpleasant calls from unhappy customers.

Who’s going to manage that every month – especially when this healthcare customer is just one of many that need special invoicing from this dealer? A lot of finance companies would say it’s on the finance administrator to figure out.


We do things differently, and at LEAF, finance administrator problems are our problems. So we solve them.

In this situation, that means we invoice the customer manually, month after month. We make sure all the addresses are right, the codes are right, and the branding is right, month after month.


From the finance administrator’s perspective, it all just happens, seamlessly, month after month. No extra work, no billing errors, no unpleasant phone calls.

And that’s how we like it. The finance administrator’s pretty happy with it, too.

Bogged down by special invoicing needs? For more on how LEAF can help you spend less time on busywork and more on your most important work, connect with us today.

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