Do any of these quotes sound like you?

“Fast, competitive, easy and approvals for most of your customers are simply table stakes in today’s market. But for us to be happy with our program, we need greater investment in marketing, sales support, customization and enhanced flexibilities,” says a Principal of a Northeast Dealer.

“Can a provider get creative? Can they escalate unique situations and solve problems quickly and effectively? Our experience has almost universally been ‘no’. It used to be that way, but the last 5 years they have been more of the same,” says a Principal of a Southwest Dealer.

“Lease companies are big on how easy it is to check the status of the deal. I’d rather the technology move so fast I don’t have to check the status,” says a Sales Manager from a California Dealer.

“It is too hard to learn all the new processes, systems, T’s and C’s of a new provider for the benefit of the change,” says a Senior Lease Administrator of a National Dealer.

If you’re tired of the same old game plan, you might be playing with the wrong teammate.

At LEAF, we help office equipment dealers think bigger and offer solutions that reach far beyond customer financing.