As-a-service solutions continue to grow in popularity, and technology sellers are constantly introducing new offerings to meet those demands.

But one part of those total solutions that’s frequently overlooked by sellers is hardware. And according to a recent survey of 800 technology sellers, that’s a mistake – a costly one.

Although there are 6.3x more technology sellers that offer a hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) solution today than in 2017, the data shows HaaS was only implemented on one in every 150 sales. But even more surprising is that when implemented, HaaS led to a 46% higher invoice amount and 26% more profit per sale.

How can you explore this capability to see if it’s a fit for your business? Here are three technology sales leaders that are moving the needle right now.

“HaaS offers us the flexibility to scale offerings according to client needs and market dynamics. Whether clients require hardware upgrades, additional units, or customized solutions, we can easily adapt their solutions to accommodate changing requirements and work with our finance partner to offer almost any solution as-a-service. This flexibility empowers our team to respond quickly to evolving technology trends and customer preferences, positioning our business as an agile partner capable of delivering tailored solutions at scale. We have landed two major corporate accounts we would have never gotten without a HaaS solution.”
– said a CEO from a Southeastern U.S. technology seller

“It’s about predictable revenue streams for us and how we can make the most of the SMB space. The simple, easy payment option has been a slam dunk in capturing that business. Today, our SMB sales are up 78% and now represent almost 40% of our overall profitability. And thanks to our finance partners, we’re now scaling that effort by expanding geographically.”
– said a CEO from a Midwestern technology seller

“HaaS transforms the traditional transactional model into a subscription-based service, offering clients access to the latest hardware without the burden of upfront costs. By providing a comprehensive solution encompassing hardware, software, maintenance, financing, and support, we offer added value to clients. This shift from product-centric to service-centric offerings positions our company as strategic partners, delivering ongoing value through seamless technology integration and lifecycle management.”
– said a CEO from a West Coast technology seller

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