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Why Equipment Sellers Need to Promote Financing Online

According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, 70% of businesses leverage at least one form of financing to get the equipment they need to compete and win in the marketplace. Now consider this: according to this study, 94% of B2B buyers research business purchases online.

Dealing With the Financial Strain of Equipment and Technology Upgrades? Here’s a Thought…

There is a software assistant in your phone that answers your questions. Websites seem to read your mind from the minute you land on them. Some cars parallel park for you – or even drive you around. This is the kind of thing that might come to mind when people think of technology innovation.

Affording the Upgrade?

The commercial truck industry is requiring everyone to upgrade to more emissions-friendly engines. Many industries are upgrading equipment to include GPS asset-tracking technologies. IT equipment needs to be upgraded seemingly every hour and a half. Whether part of a regulatory move, a push for greater efficiency or the requirement to keep up with the competition, the word “upgrade” has a big impact on business owners’ lives. And a bigger impact on their cash position.

2022 Outlook: Where CIOs Use Financing for Tomorrow’s Technology

We’re coming off the some of the most aggressive years of digital transformation many of us have ever seen. Whether it was rapid pandemic adjustments, shifting enhanced privacy and security technologies, or riding the wave of automation as employers seek performance efficiency, 2020 and 2021 saw a large influx of capital spending in new technologies.

The Integrated Solution That Wasn’t

To say the copier industry is competitive is like saying Steve Jobs had a knack for marketing. Couple that with customer demand for single source, integrated solutions and it makes perfect sense that copier dealers everywhere are diversifying revenue streams and driving profits by expanding their lineups to include business technology, software, water purification and other office essentials.

The Importance of Maximizing the Value of Your Dealership Through Differentiation

In a recent survey of 114 private equity firms with at least one office products company in the portfolio, 82% said that a differentiated business model was the key to management teams obtaining higher EBITDA multiples and business valuations.

The Dealer Cash Flow Impact of the Finance Offering

“Cash flow is not just a thing. It’s the only thing.” – Principal of a $114 Million Office Products Dealer. Over time, you’ll hear finance companies speak ad nauseum of the importance of selling a payment for your equipment – even leading with one. And motives aside, businesses will generally buy more things if they have more cash to do it. Financing is critical to achieving success here. But what about YOUR cash flow? As a dealer principal, cash flows are the life blood of success just like it is for your customers. So, how does your finance offering impact YOUR cash flows?

Cash Flow Conservation

Conserving cash is one of the most important aspects of running any business. Since cash is the most precious of all business resources, it only makes sense to manage it closely and commit it wisely. Even when a business has more than sufficient cash to cover working capital requirements, surplus cash is typically placed in reserve for critical and unexpected business emergencies. Cash not only provides the points for the scorecard of business, but it is the lifeblood of business as well.

Three Growth Problems You Can Solve With Financing

The pandemic’s last days are in sight. The economy is revving its engines, and industries from entertainment to electric vehicles are seeking to capitalize on explosive growth opportunities. But many businesses are coming off a challenging year and capex budgets may still be constrained. The solution might be a creative approach to competitive and flexible financing. Here are three growth problems you can solve with financing right now.

What Are Soft Costs and Why Do You Care?

So you’ve won the new bid or have the latest production contract in place. Or maybe you’ve decided to upgrade your IT infrastructure to create new efficiencies. Either way, equipment purchases that require a healthy chunk of capital are a central component of those strategies.

When ASC Compensation and Growth Plans Pressure Budgets

ASC executives, owners, and care providers face a transformational time, and what they do now will have major impacts on their competitive position for years to come. The convergence of new technologies with changing patient demands, evolving regulations, and shifting reimbursements make innovation more urgent than ever for surgery center leaders.

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